Pre School Program

These movement-based classes are designed to develop the whole child, socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.. They provide positive movement experiences that can influence a child’s outlook on physical activity for life.

At Redland City Gymsports all pre-prep classes are guided by accredited coaches to ensure that the equipment set-ups are safe, stimulating and provide endless movement opportunities for each child to play and learn while enhancing your child's development, coordination, confidence and self-esteem.


Kindergym With a combination of structured learning time and free discovery, children learn to follow an obstacle course while developing dominant movement patterns, motor and social skills. As a parent participation class, we expect that initially your child may interact with you mostly which provides quality one-on-one time with each other. As children progress, they will begin to interact more with their peers and the coach and you will be there first-hand to watch and help your child grow!

Age: 2 years - kindy age
Time commitment: 1 x 45 mins
Prerequisites: placement is based on age only; parental participation is required
See Kindergym Flyer


Tiny Tumblers is an independent class for girls and boys. Watch your child as they develop confidence, learning skills which will assist them in the transition to prep such as working in a group, sharing, listening to and following instructions and most importantly... a love of learning in a fun and supportive environment.

Age: kindy age (starting Prep the following year)
Time commitment: 1 x 1 hour
Prerequisites: none, placement is based on age only
Class size: 8 per coach


Hot Shots This squad is designed for muscle men and muscle women in our pre-prep program. An extension of Kindygym and Tiny Tumblers, girls and boys will participate in a fast paced warm up, basic strength and stretching, shaping and advanced dominant movement patterns on floor, beam, bars and trampoline. The natural progression from this class is to the MAG Intro Squad (boys) or WAG Foundation Squad (girls.) This is an independent class and does not require parent participation.

Age: 3-5 year old (not enrolled in Prep)
Time commitment: 1 x 1 hour
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