National Aerobics and National Clubs

Redland City Gymsports Inc., Sun Sep 25, 2016 2:18PM

Great results from Bendigo.

The school holidays saw our Club represented at the Australian Aerobic Gymnastic Championships by our coach Dana who after an 8 year break returned to being an athlete and ranked 7th in Australia.


It also saw a team of 8 of our trampolinists compete at National Clubs and gain the following results

Hamish 9th in TRP and 21st in DMT (L4)

Amelie  22nd in TRP and 13th in DMT (L4)

Emily 49th in TRP and 48th in DMT (L4)

Breanna 80th in TRP and 77th in DMT (L4)

Alex 18th in TRP and 22nd in DMT (L5)

Liam 27th in TRP and 9th in DMT (L5)

Georgia 68th in TRP and 43rd in DMT (L5)

Charlotte 4th in TRP (L7) 1st in DMT and 18th in TUM (L6) 9th in TRP and 6th in DMT (Youth)

One of coaches Raffael also competed albeit for a different club and performed well especially after a recent foot injury.


Two of our Club stayed on in Bendigo to participate in other activities - Dana to complete an Advanced Coaching course in Aerobic Gymnastics and Charlotte to be part of the Team Futures camp.

We would like to congratulate all of those athletes coaches and parents who made the trip to Bendigo to represent us on the National front.

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