Break in at the Gym

Redland City Gymsports Inc., Sat Feb 3, 2018 10:43AM


During Friday night 2 February 2018, vandals managed to move a set of soccer goal posts to our gym facilities, break into another Council building and steal 2 fire extinguishers which they then threw through a window in our facility breaking glass and damaging several thousands of dollars of gym equipment.  All our floor mats and some of our sprung floor strips as well as rails and vinyl mats have had to be replaced as there can be no guarantee that the glass can be totally removed.

Police and Council were called to the scene and fingerprints were taken.  No culprits have as yet been apprehended.  An insurance claim has been submitted to assist with the replacement of the equipment.

The Club thanks its members for their patience whilst repairs are underway.  We hope to be fully operational before the end of term.

Last updated: Monday February 26, 2018 8:03AM
Author: RCGS Admin