Fun at Delta Team Fun Competition

Redland City Gymsports Inc., Sun May 22, 2016 5:48PM


Five of our WAG girls, Keeley, Chante, Chloe, Emily and Claudia participated at the My Delta Team event on Sunday 22nd of May.  They were grouped in teams of 4 with girls from clubs around Brisbane and they met gymnasts from other clubs, strutted their stuff and had fun.  Whist none of the teams the girls were placed in ranked higher than 4th, their individual marks made their coach Dana very proud.

Of the 44 girls in the competition, we placed no higher than 16th with Chloe first, Emily second and Claudia 6th in Vault. Given most of the girls train only 2 hours a week in WAG, they have proven once again that it is quality not quantity of work that counts.


Well done girls

Last updated: Sunday June 26, 2016 6:55PM
Author: RCGS Admin