Day 1 Session 2 Interclub 4

Redland City Gymsports Inc., Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:45PM


The second session was no less exciting though much longer with over 100 participants some from as far as Gympie.  Our 18 athletes performed well across the 3 apparatus - Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline (DMT) and Tumbling.


Well done to all - those placing 6th and better were




Jasmine - 1st L2 Female

Courtney - 3rd L2 Female

Ella - 4th L2 Female

MacKenzie - 5th L2 U8 Female

Ashton - 2nd L2 Male

Zephyr - 4th L2A Male




Sienna - 2nd Trampoline L2A Female

Samantha - 3rd Trampoline & 5th DMT L2A Female

Janna - 6th DMT L2 Female

Charlie - 1st Trampoline L2 Male

Locklan - 2nd trampoline & 2nd DMT L2 Male

Ben - 3rd Trampoline L2 Male

Tom - 4th Trampoline L2 Male

Ryder - 6th Trampoline L2 U8 Male


Don't forget to check our facebook page for snaps from the session

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Author: RCGS Admin