Day 2 Level 3 Interclub

Redland City Gymsports Inc., Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:34PM



Level 3 was held on the Sunday morning and we had 16 hopefuls start the long morning including one at her first ever competition.


Results were mixed in this large field but all performed well.  Those with 6th or better placings were


Courtney - 1st L3A DMT

Angus - 2nd L3A DMT & 3rd L3A Trampoline 

Chloe - 3rd L3A Tumbling & 5th L3 DMT  

Abbey - 3rd L3 Tumbling

James - 3rd L3 DMT

Tahlia - 4th L3 Tumbling

Lawson - 4th L3 Trampoline

Dakota - 5th L3 DMT

Claudia - 6th L3 DMT

Aidan - 6th L3 Trampoline


Don't forget to check out out facebook page for snaps from the morning





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