First WAG competition for 2018

Redland City Gymsports Inc., Sat May 19, 2018 8:35PM


21 gymnasts across 5 levels and 4 divisions went to Camira for the May Cup with two coaches on Saturday.  The day was long but satisfying and congratulations go to all - Ashlin, Ella, Mikayla, Ellyissa and Isobella; MacKenzie, Nicole and Melida; Emmy, Anna, Jasmine, Meg and Isabella; Lily, Baliqees, Keeley and Chante; Emily, Chloe, Brianna and Azailea; Dana and Victoria.


The girls all looked great and performed so well.  We brought home 5 overall Champion trophies, 2 overall Silver trophies and 1 overall Bronze trophy.  We received 11 Gold medals, 7 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals.  And we placed fourth to eighth 30 times.


It was  a great start to our  WAG competition season.


Last updated: Thursday May 24, 2018 1:57PM
Author: RCGS Admin